Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm in the Club

I just joined my lat club - the Tepper Wine Club. This rounds out my selection for the year.

There are three types of clubs available at Tepper - professional clubs, educational clubs, and social clubs. The Consulting Club and The Business & Technology Club are professional clubs. Net Impact and Tepper Women in Business are educational clubs. The Wine Club is a social club. These are my clubs.

I wasn't aware, however, that there are club dues for each one. I neglected to budget for them; next year I will take that into consideration for the clubs in which I didn't purchase a 2-year membership for.

I took the recommendation of 2nd years and last years' 2nd years - they said only join the clubs you really want to be a part of/take advantage of in the first year. You're too busy looking for internships to join everything. The second piece - join a social club so you can get to know people in a different environment. I had to choose the most expensive social club, but it's one of the few that allows partners and the events look good, so I'm not complaining :)

First Wine Club event is this Saturday!

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