Monday, January 2, 2012

Corporate Presentations

I'm in the middle of writing a cover letter for an internship. I've spent about 3 minutes looking for the brochure that the company provided at the corporate presentation, so I can use some of the information. Their 2011 presentation wasn't videotaped, but luckily the 2010 presentation was so I'm trying to glean insights there as to why I like the company without sounding desperate or that it's a rote response.

 Corporate presentations started the second day of class in Mini 1. At the time, most were for full-time positions, however a couple mentioned internships. I will note, one director of a company was very impressed that I attended a full-time presentation after I admitted I was looking for internship opportunities. I think that got me brownie points, and something I will advise incoming 1st years to do.

However, the shift gradually changed to internship presentations. I made the mistake of just sitting and listening - enjoying the ride. I should've taken notes. I should've jotted down what was impressive about the company, even if, at the time, I wasn't interested. I shouldn't've assumed that the presentation was being recorded, or the slide deck would be available.

Probably should've kept the brochures in a better place.

All that information would've been gold right now for the cover letter. Oh well. Lesson learned for next mini.... and for fulltime recruiting.

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