Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I love Thursdays

First entry in Things I Love Thursdays!

- Remembering the giddy feeling about this time last year when I got accepted into Tepper :D
- 76 degree weather that allows me to sit outside Posner Hall and work
- Getting two internship interviews last week, and finding out that I advanced onto the final round with one of them! (the other one I won't know until Friday/Monday)
- The feeling of satisfaction when my biggest portion of involvement in my pro-bono consulting project is nearly complete
- The great list of classes that I'm starting this mini
- Spring in Pittsburgh in general
- The warm fuzzy feeling of lending my spare laptop to a friend at school who had her laptop stolen while on Spring Break
- Buying MS Office 2010 for $40
- Seeing Diablo 3 comes out after finals
- Having no Final exams during finals week
- Did I mention the weather here has been absolutely AMAZING! No Pittsburgh horror stories for me!

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