Thursday, June 14, 2012

Student Profile: Matt Moench

Brief Background (where did you come from, what you did prior to coming to Tepper)
Background in IT Consulting and Contract Compliance work at KPMG & Deloitte. Also started a small letterpress & design business with my sister called Dingbat Press.
Basic school info (Track, concentrations, dual degrees):
Technology Leadership Track. Entrepreneurship, marketing concentrations.
Internship position, company and location:
Business Development at Dynamics (60 employees) in Pittsburgh, PA. Watch out world of payments....
What was your answer to the admission essay "one thing people would be surprised to know about me is....?"
I wrote about my study abroad in Jerusalem / the Middle East. 
What were your career goals coming in? How have they changed?
Become a management consultant. My goals have completely changed - I realized that I need to be true to my entrepreneurial yearning and that it was wrong for me to "ignore" that by looking at other career paths.
Aside from the education, what are you learning by being at Tepper?
Time management & team management, which, in some sense goes together well. There is a reason that MBA school is so focused around teams - in subjects where I'm not as knowledgeable, I have learned tremendously from my fantastic classmates. I hope that I have helped them in a similar manner on topics I am excited about. Making sure the team has the right individuals, right size, is very valuable.
If you're in a Track, why did you choose it?
I'm in the Technology Leadership track because I love tech and how it has enabled my learning, productivity, and efficiency. I'll always love tech and will always want to try new products and services which make my life better / more automated (so I have more time to do things I love, like play squash).
What's your favorite place in Pittsburgh?
The Andy Warhol Museum
Favorite event at Tepper?
The international festival. That was a hoot
What is your primary procrastination activity?
Right now it may or may not be Diablo 3. 
What are you looking forward to in the next year?
Flexibility in selecting my classes.
When you walk graduation, what will be/is your biggest regret?
Not going out more with my classmates despite the fact that I don't drink. 
How do you plan to "pay it forward" (This isn't just about the class gift, but anything at all)
Have real conversations with people who are looking at Tepper (or business school in general) to help them make the right decision for them about where to go.

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