Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Work opportunities

While expressly forbidden for first years in the first two minis, Tepper offers students part-time jobs to hold during the rest of their education. Because I was so active with the admissions help in my first two minis - I signed up both minis, I was almost always available, and I had a good relationship with the admissions staff - I was asked if I wanted to work as an admissions coordinator for the calendar year of 2012. I believe I started in February; I think it is also one of the only times a first year is offered a job.

Come second year, and the opportunities are numerous:

- Career Services: The CoC sent out an email near the end of the school year asking for applicants to help with the corporate presentations. This usually includes introducing the company, passing around and collecting the sign-in sheets, and assisting the presentors.
- Accelerated Leadership: This is a service where students can gain help for presentation & communication-style issues. The Center asks notable students who have high marks in the presentations classes to be available as the tutors for this center.
- Teaching Assistants/Grading Assistants: Usually for the core classes, the lecturers asks students who received excellent grades in the class to be a TA for the next coming class. Sometimes, rarely, TA opportunities exist for undergraduate classes (I will be a TA for an undergraduate OB class next semester). This doesn't happen for every core class. Some are TA'd by PhD students, since the content is quite difficult (I'm looking at you, Probability & Statistics and Optimization)
- Tutors: Similar to TAs, tutors are found for the more difficult classes. The school doesn't publicise tutors, but if a first year turns up to Student Services and asks, he or she can be assigned a tutor for a specific class. Again, an email goes out amongst the second years in the first week or so when we get back asking if anyone wants to be a tutor. I believe there is a still a vetting process that the tutor has to go through - i.e. has a great grade.
- Admissions Coordinators: and, of course like I mentioned, assisting the Admissions group with coordinating the student visits - i.e. we get a student onboard to take a prospective to class and to lunch. There's about 7 of us.

There are cases of some second years continuing their internships on a part-time basis, especially if they interned locally at a startup or smaller business.

The workload isn't onerous, and it always feels good to be earning something (even if it's only a little bit). My admissions job will probably end by early next mini; but that's OK, since I'll be starting my TA job then.

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