Monday, March 14, 2011

Today, and this past weekend, had been agony. I was so nervous; I was almost physically sick. I tried to immerse myself in work today so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. It didn’t work. I texted Chris to say that he needs to read my email at about 2pm so I don’t have to. I scheduled a meeting for that timeframe. Nope – I was, every 10-15 minutes, checking my email for a notification from GMATClub saying that someone posted in the Tepper thread.
Soon, about 1pm (I think), people started to post their results.
I freaked out about 1:15 when my phone showed that I received an email in my Gmail account. I refused to look at it… but then when I opened up my notifications list, the subject of the email was showing clearly. Thankfully, it was just a junk mail item for a spa service. I posted on Twitter my relief.. but as soon as I did, another email came in. Freaked out again.
I couldn’t take it much longer after reading all the responses on GMATClub… I had to see this email in my inbox, even as I promised myself I wouldn’t until after work (incase there was bad news).
So I opened up Gmail. Immediately my heart leaped from my chest as the subject line confirmed my greatest hope – “Exciting news from Tepper!” I opened it, read the first couple of sentences, and my eyes started welling up with tears. I don’t know why, but it was a crying occasion. I rushed to GMAT Club to post my acceptance, and then returned to the email to actually read the official acceptance letter.
I got selected as a Forte Fellow! With scholarship $! I started to cry a little more. But I held off until I had copy+pasted the contents of the letter in an email and sent it on to Chris and Mum. Immediately, I called Chris and told him to check his email; he was excited too.
I’m going to grad school!

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