Monday, March 21, 2011

I gotta live somewhere

Now the initial excitement has died down a little, I turn my mind to the first problem in getting myself ready: housing arrangements.

Obviously, renting an apartment is the logical answer. But it's an answer I'm not too happy with. My last residence before my house was in an apartment complex where the management changed hands three times over the two years I was there and all tended to treat their tenants like crap. In the case upcoming, I'll be in a school area where a lot of tenants will be students... and I don't know of any apartment management complex that looks too kindly on students, graduate or otherwise. Oh well.

But I drew up a list of criteria for places to live after surfing around on the internets to get an idea of the cost of living.:

- Under $1,000 a month
- Within walking distance to campus, or at least easily accessible via public transportation
- Washer/dryer hookups (this was a requirement from Chris to which I inclined to agree - coin-operated laundry options are too much of a hassle).
- Gas kitchen (another Chris requirement for his cooking)
- Allows pets (I have a cat)
- Good floorplan.

I believe we intend on moving up in July, as apparently there are some sort of pre-term activities going on in August.

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