Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween & Diwali

Due to my new weekend schedule, I was able to take advantage of the activities that had been arranged for the student body when I was previously unable to.

I refer, in this case, to the Halloween Party.

The Halloween Party is hosted by the GBA and is open to all Tepper students. Costumes are a must. A good friend of mine was dressing up as Batman, and as soon as he heard that I was to stay in Pittsburgh for the weekend, the second thing out of his mouth was "You should be Catwoman!" (the first thing was "You can come to the Halloween Party!")

So, Catwoman I was. That Saturday morning I looked out upon the snow and wondered as to the sensibility of my choice. It was an unfounded fear - the venue of the party, BRGR, was well heated.

It was great to see my classmates all dressed up (or dressed down in some cases). The only really big disappointment of the night is when, at 2am, the bar closed and the DJ announced it was the end, the people who were very inebriated got rude and obnoxious and starting being very offensive to the staff and the DJ. I was embarrassed for my classmates.

Sunday night was a different affair. The Operations Management professor, Dr Kekre, opens his house every year to 100 lucky students for a Diwali party. I was fortunate to sign up, and so off Chris and I go to Prof Kekre's house. A good number of the students were in traditional Indian dress, and we dined on Indian food and set off firecrackers in front of the house. Some students performed dances for us, which was exciting. Dean Dammon also attended and he danced a little. It was an enjoyable evening that seemed dramatically different from the Halloween Party.

I was told by Dr Kekre's wife that next year I have to come in traditional Indian clothing :)

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