Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last full week!

I had a prospective student visit luncheon on Monday. During this lunch, I was asked - rather tentatively - what the workload is like. I laughed and said this was not the best time to be asking.

It seems to be that all the case competitions and whatnot all happen for first years. In my general eagerness to experience school, I have signed up for many of these events. In addition, as my career path is aimed at consulting, there are many activities that revolve around getting prepped for it - I have been assigned a 2nd year mentor to guide me through and he's given me a fair amount of work. Then, of course, schoolwork comes in with the slow, steadily-increasing panic when one realises that one is not yet ready for the finals next week, and all the mini-long projects are coming due.

So on my plate currently are: an AT Kearney global case competition, Yahoo! Hack business plan competition, final assessment items for all five classes, two consulting books that I have to read within the week, make travel plans for the upcoming Boston trek for Consulting club between mini 1 & 2, and hotel plans for Portland for the Net Impact conference.
Everything needs to be done in less than two weeks.

A lot of classmates and I would joke about being overwhelmed by the amount of assessment items that are due each week and how we would not look to the future but just focusing on each week as it came. Now it's a matter of taking it a day at a time otherwise I'd be seriously overwhelmed with what I have to do.

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