Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Internship News

I have some excellent news to report. Today I officially accepted an internship with Blizzard Entertainment in their Strategic Initiatives group. Unfortunately, I had to turn down another offer, a situation people say is good to be in - but I really hate doing it.

I will be the first Tepper student to work at Blizzard. I think I will also be the first intern in that group. How did I get it? other students asked me. I'd like to say it was magic, but it seemed like luck.

I applied on their website. On the deadline, actually.

Then, out of the blue right before I left for GDC, I received an email asking if I was available for an interview the next week. That next week was Spring Break, so I said "sure". While at GDC, however, I stopped by the Blizzard booth and chatted at length with one of the recruiters there; actually, it turned out she was the one coordinating the entire internship program. (I scored a shirt while I was there too, but I gave it to my boyfriend)

A week or so later, I get asked to perform a four-hour case study - I believe it was to be used as a tie-breaker. I did the case study, and later emailed the production assistant what the next step would be. She replies asking when I'm available for a phone call. That phone call, two days later, was my offer :) At the time, I was also interviewing with another gaming company that I met at GDC, so I put off accepting until I had received an official offer from them (I received a pseudo offer; I got told that they like me, there's just some formalities that they needed to go through). I got that offer last night.

 This was a really difficult decision because I really loved both companies, but I think I will have a more meaningful experience at Blizzard and thus accepted their offer today.

Now I just have to figure out housing and transportation...

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