Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Weekend!

I think I have sufficiently recovered from Welcome Weekend to blog :)

Welcome Weekend is the annual "we're selling the school to you" event for admitted students. I went last year and had an AMAZING time so I was extremely eager to help out with the activities for this weekend.

Behind the Scenes:
Welcome Weekend is organized by one of the Admissions staff and she has a student-led committee of about 7 students. An email went out about this early January for students to volunteer to be a part of this committee; I contemplated it, but since I was juggling pro-bono consulting, internship search, tough classes, and club leadership, I felt it would probably be prudent for me to sit this one out.
So this committee met, I believe, once every two weeks and were responsible for the events of the weekend, getting the invites out, organizing the guides, and so forth. A couple of weeks before Welcome Weekend, all the current students received emails asking if we wanted to volunteer for some of the events. Of course I signed up. There was a small ulterior motive for doing so however, and I'll explain this in a bit.

Welcome Weekend Itself
Started Friday afternoon. I don't know what happened, but I was invited, as a reward for volunteering for the weekend, to attend the highlight of the Weekend - the dinner at Heinz Field! Unfortunately, this year's food wasn't as great as last year, but I did meet a number of the incoming class.

Saturday morning had me up early to help out with Breakfast. A quick trip home to pick up Chris, and then we manned the BrewMeister's Club Blitz table - we were handing out pilsner glasses as free swag. A fair amount of people were interested in the club too, which was encouraging. Then, some breakout sessions for the admits, followed by B**Rs, deliciously sponsored by Five Guys Burgers.

The hope is that some of the admits will now know some second years as well (it's scary to think myself as one of those!)

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