Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye my friends

There's been an air of bitter-sweet sadness permeating Posner Hall. This week is the last week of classes for us all. First years are all excited about our upcoming summer - conversations now are purely based on either a) what internship you're doing and the details thereof or b) the class selection for Mini 1 and 2.

Second years... well, they're all but checked out. A friend of mine was complaining to me how the new Consulting Club board was trying to hold a party for the old Consulting Club board, but they just haven't been interested at all. I've noticed something a little similar with some of the Brewmeisters events. Their involvement in the school changed as soon as club leadership passed hands - it's like they're already assuming the mantle of alumni.

I've seen a few 2nd years stare wistfully around the Masters Lounge as if trying to commit our faces to memory. A number have completely avoided the school as if unwilling to say goodbye (or, conversely, have already said it). Any promises of getting together to do an activity are floating off in the wind in the face of reality. "No more Jimmy Johns" sings one happy soon-to-be graduate. "I wish I had one more semester," bemoans another, discovering courses that he wish he had taken in other areas of the school. Some are happily packing their boxes ready to move out as soon as commencement has passed; others are putting off cleaning out their lockers for us.

As for my classmates, well....The cynicism of many of the second years has now settled into various members of the first year class (the diatribe "grades don't matter" is being repeated now by my classmates, now that they truly believe it). The new class is being looked upon as a younger sibling- all the attention will be given to them when they arrive, but soon they'll understand. We are trying our best to make the school accommodating to them; but we're also focusing on our needs as well. Capstone selections are coming due, financial aid forms are being filled out, sublet offers are being passed around the community.

For me, it will be tough to be without my friends for 4 months. Faces and people that I'm used to seeing day-by-day will be scattered temporarily across the country. I know I, for one, will be the only one in my class in SoCal (that I know of). My heart is happy, though, knowing that I'll come back to this great family to meet the new additions. In the same way, however, I'll be sad to miss my second year friends, all who are moving away from Pittsburgh.

Zishan, Matt, Dave, Darren, Chris - you have all helped me in some significant way over the last year, so I want to dedicate this post to you. Kick ass in your jobs.

Kelly, thanks for being so patient with me at the Endurance Club challenge.
Babak, thanks for being my mentor. Adam, thank you for helping me out with my interviews.
Harsimran, Ahbishek, Kate, Kate, Adeline, Ryan thanks for always having a smile on your face when you see me
Hiroshi, thank you for being so friendly and accepting as soon as I came in! I will always remember your smile (And Aki's exuberance!)
Aubrey, thank you for being awesome and patient with me all through mini 1 and 2.

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