Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Clear Admit School Snapshot

I was recently sent a copy of Clear Admit's new product, School Snapshots, for Tepper. This is my review.

Initial Impression: At first, I noticed "snapshot" is a really good term for it. It was about 4 pages long and contained a brief overview of the school, the curriculum, the clubs, post-MBA careers, and admissions. Given that it's a tool presumably for applicants there is a good part of the document dedicated to admissions, however there doesn't seem to be any special insight into the school.

The Good: It really puts a lot of information into one concise document. It certainly saves a lot of time poking around the internet looking for this information, especially as some of it can be difficult to find on the Tepper website itself.

The Bad: Not really bad, per se, but the information about the curriculum is outdated. The incoming class of 2014 (and includes my class also) will be experiencing a dramatically different introductory curriculum than I have had exposure to. The minis are compressed to 7 weeks, the subjects are all a-mixed, and there is going to be a strong emphasis on leadership development. However, having said that, this new curriculum hasn't been published anywhere public so I don't exactly fault the authors for not knowing. (It was published in a Tepper magazine; I'll dig it up and introduce it myself later).

The Could-Be-Improved: The career statistics seem to be a little lacking. Dedicating only half-a-page to the reason why people go to Business School seems a tad flippant. I would recommend removing the geographical location information and instead talk salaries. I hate to be crass, but that's generally a big reason why people get their MBA at a top 20 school: a high salary.

All in all, it's an accurate (with the exception of the curriculum), if bland, description of the program.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your review of the snapshot. I am planning to apply to CMU in a couple of months and being in India, I can not visit the school.

    I was wondering if I should buy the clearadmit school guide for Tepper to help me with finding out more about the school, but i'm having a hard time finding someone who has bought it, so i can't get a decent judgement on it.

    Also, I'd like to say that i stumbled upon this blog a couple of hours ago and i'm already enjoying reading about Tepper. Thanks for writing this.

    1. As far as I understand, the snapshot is free. I can't talk about the full guides as I never used it either.

      I think to really get to know the feel of the school and the student body, talk to as many students as you can.


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