Saturday, July 28, 2012


I got up at 10:30. I spent 2.5 hours on the internet for no reason and felt listless. Banged my head on the wall for my indecisiveness over whether to go to the Farmer's Market, whether I should buy that Lychee drink, whether I should play Diablo 3 or paint.

I'm in that limbo time whereby I have 2 weeks left on my internship and one month left until I go back to school. Something is nearly ending; something is nearly beginning, and I have no definable goal so far to excite me. It's just a period of waiting - waiting for my last day, waiting to get back to Pittsburgh, waiting for the final exam schedule for Mini 1 & 2 to be posted so I can book my tickets to Australia for christmas.

I mentioned in my last post that things are starting to pick up school-wise. Where my Tepper inbox was once full with Wall Street Journal subscriptions that I haven't bothered to cancel and the odd notification from the GSA, I'm now receiving emails from the OLC club, Brewmeisters, CoC, Symplicity (reminding me to cancel that notification too), and now BaseCamp.

Organizational Leadership Club - OLC: We have secured the dates for our case competition! We'll be the first off the line, which is a good thing as it gives a practice run for participants before the career-related case competitions from Amazon, Deloitte, Yahoo, etc start to appear.

Brewmeisters: Looking to set up our start-of-year shindig before school starts and people in the first year panic while us second years scoff and tell them grades don't matter.

BaseCamp: I signed up in May to be a 2nd year mentor, and I got a reminder email today about that. I'm not entirely sure what is expected of me, but the email left this note:

"What do you wish a 2nd year had told you in BaseCamp?"

An interesting question; one I shall have to ponder.

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