Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dean's Reception & Awards

I just came back from the Dean's Reception & Awards Ceremony. It's an annual event where the Dean makes a speech, the GBA president makes a speech, a guest speaker makes a speech, and academically gifted 2nd years receive awards for various subjects. I know I covered awards in a prior post. There were two award recipients that seemed odd to me - one was a complete surprise because I would've sworn another class member would've received it (more deservingly in my opinion); the other award was also surprising but it made sense that the recipient got it.

Again, I was reminded of the stark differences a year makes. As a first year, I flitted around at the reception post-ceremony, talking to as many people as I could find. This year, I found a table and was content to eat there and chat to the odd person who wandered over.
First year, I was eager to keep the party going.
Second year, I left somewhat early and immediately changed into my comfy houseclothes to do some homework

First year, I had dreams and desires to be up on the stage, with visions of imparting sage advice and talking about what I had done for the student body.
Second year, I had to fight the urge to pull out my phone and browse Twitter, given how little I cared.

I guess it has started to emerge - the apathy that I've been told sets in with the second year. I can't say I've checked out, but I'm starting to see the school experience as no longer "mine" to do with it as I please, but more a legacy to leave behind.

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