Saturday, September 1, 2012

First week back at school!

This week concluded my first week back at school! I have only one class in the mornings; everything is evening and afternoon. This is tough, since I'm a morning person and have a tendency to really not pay attention during the 3.30-5.30 class slots.

However, the workload is relatively light. So light, that I took up another class. Also, this class is taught by a former NASA astronaut, which I felt was good bragging material.

The first week was full of seeing my other classmates for the first time in a long time and exchanging discussions on our summers. They typically went like this:

"Oh, how was your summer?"
"Awesome! I had a great time"
"Are you going back?"
"Maybe. I haven't received my offer yet/I'm shopping around. How was your summer?"
"Great! I learned a lot"
"Are you going back"
"Perhaps. I haven't received my offer yet/I'm shopping around."

Half the class probably forgot who was going where. I know I did. What helped later on was that the CoC sent out the second year internship listing. This listing collates all the internship information from each one of the second years who submitted a resume to the resume book so that first years can see who was working for their target companies and talk to them about their experience. When I was scrolling through this listing, I was reminded of who went where.

The calendar is starting to fill up also with club activities, group meetings and various meetings with first years. The group meeting situation is especially onerous since no-one wants to do morning meetings for some reason, and prefer afternoons. With all this, I still don't feel overwhelmed. I hope this feeling stays for the mini :)

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